Monday 24 September 2012

2nd Annual Neighborhood Cleanup

The 2nd annual neighborhood cleanup will be occurring on September 29th, part of
their 'Cleaning the Capital' initiative.. Like last year, the Riverside South Beaver Colonies are
gathering in Mountain Meadows park to clean up a years worth of trash
and debris that's messing up our park..

Who? - Manotick Beaver Colonies
What? - Clean Mountain Meadows Park, and surroundings.
Were? - Mountain Meadows Park, parking lot (Off of Spratt).
When? - Saturday September 29, for one hour between 10AM and 1PM
Why? - Caring and Sharing

Participation, We ask for one (1) hour of your time .......and we're
operating from 10am through to 1PM, this provides lots of options for
families to fit in hockey, birthday parties, and other commitments.
This flexible We plan was a smash hit last year, with fantastic
participation through the day. We hope for the same again this year.

This event is not a drop off event.  At least one parent is required to stay with their child.  This is because although there will be Scout Leaders at the park through out the duration of the event it is not possible for us to ensure there is a D Colony leader present at all times due to family obligations that day.

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