Monday 29 April 2013


Our meeting this week will be a campfire No'chimik at the regular time (18:15).  

Parents are welcome to stay. The event will happen at Camp No'Chimik. If you have never been to No'Chimik, it is located about 10 minutes south of Manotick at 5943 Second Line Road (Google Maps link). Here is a PDF prepared by a local Scouts troop that will get you there too (Note: Driving from Riverside South will not start from Hunt Club, instead you will head through Manotick and connect to Bankfield or Century Roads). If it helps, This link will provide Google Map directions from Moncion's to No'Chimik.

TIP: There is a "Scouts Canada" sign on the 3rd lane past the bridge over the creek. That's the spot.

What should you bring? We're outside, and sometimes the ground at No'Chimik is quite soft. 

Schedule Update
It turns out that the Swim Up Ceremony is a week later then originally planned.  Also there is no tree planting this year.

Here is the updated schedule:
May 25th - May 26th - All Sections camp - more details to come

April 30th - Camp fire
May 7th - Fishing at Long Island locks
May 14th - Outdoor meeting at Claudette Cain Park
May 22nd - Swim up 

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