Monday 28 January 2013

Leader Investiture Night

Sorry for the late notice.  We were hoping the weather was going to improve so that we could skate tomorrow night.  Instead tomorrow's meeting will be at St. FX @ 18:15 as per normal.
We have several leaders who joined us this year and they have taken the necessary training and it is time to make them official Beaver leaders!

Opening - (5 min) 
  • Name Leaders (5 mins) - Have the beavers name the unnamed leaders. Taken names are Ringtail, Chatter and Bubbles. Available names are Rustry, Hawkeye, Sunshine, Rainbow, Tic Tac and Chip.
  • Leader Investiture (5 mins) - A mystic ceremony to invest the leaders.
  • Games by lodge (35-40 mins)
    • Balloon relay (aka Penguin walk) - Have the beavers race with a balloon between their legs without using their hands to keep the balloon in place.
    • Balloon Pop - play music while passing around a round balloon.  When music stops, Beaver with the balloon has to pop it by sitting on it.
    • Dodge ball
    • Charades
  • Hypothermia & Hyperthermia (5-10 mins) - Lodge Discussion
  • Closing (5 min): 

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